Sustainable   design   considers   Natural   Regrade   that   combines   natural   geomorphic   landforms   stability   with runoff   and   stream   form   that   produces   a   long-term   slope   and   water   management   systems   consistent   with natural topography, water conveyance, and erosion control.
Our   approach   optimizes   system   components   that   are   relevant   to   the   owner's   final   land   use.   Integrating soil   removal   and   treatment   with   site   infrastructure   protects   the   remedy   and   allows   additional   land   uses within these containment systems, including property redevelopment.
GeoTek    has    provide    engineering    analysis,    design,    and    construction    oversight    for    stream    and    river restoration   projects   throughout   the   expanded   Pacific   Northwest.   Our   projects   have   included   CERCLA sites,   Wildlife   Management   Areas,   public   lands,   and   private   property.   We   have   worked   closely   with   fish biologist,   wetland   specialists,   geomorphologists,   regulators,   and   owners   to   provide   a   complete,   naturally function hydrologic system. .
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