Provide    geotechnical    and    geologic    evaluations,    seismic    analysis,    groundwater    review,    foundation recommendations,   and   chemical   composition   of   site   earthen   materials.   Provide   site   environmental   site assessments   in   accordance   with   new ASTM   (AAI)   procedures.   Provide   Special   Inspections   per   Chapter 17 of the IBC pertaining to: concrete , masonry, fireproofing, wood-frame, structural steel and welding.
Coronado High School, CCSD Agassi High School, Agassi Foundation University of Phoenix-East and West Campus, Private Foundation Western High School, CCSD CCSD  Elementary Schools: Ries, Steele, Connors, Walker, Frias, Booker, Forbuss, and McDoniel, Sandy Miller, CCSD Vo -Tech Tennis Courts, and UNLV Tennis Court
Construction   of   new   educational   facilities,   modifications   to   existing   buildings   at   the   Clark   County School District (CCSD), along with some private foundation development of educational facilities.
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