Mr.   Edward   H.   LaMont,   C.E.G. ,   is   the   GeoTek   -   Riverside   Branch   Manager   and   a   certified   engineering   geologist   in the   State   of   California,   and   is   also   a   registered   environmental   assessor.   Mr.   LaMont   has   over   18   years   of   experience   in geotechnical   and   environmental   projects   across   southern   California.   Mr.   LaMont's   experience   covers   most   aspects   of earthwork   construction.   He   has   been   involved   with   a   wide   variety   of   project   sites,   including   fault,   landslide   and liquefaction   hazards,   as   well   as   deep   fill,   cut,   slope   stabilization   and   settlement   sensitive   properties.   Mr.   LaMont   has also   performed   governmental   agency   geotechnical   review   for   compliance   with   geotechnical   industry   standards. Presently,   Mr.   LaMont   provides   project   management   and   support   for   all   aspects   of   the   Riverside   branch   projects,   and ensures quality service and client satisfaction.
Ed LaMont C.E.G.
Riverside Branch Manager  
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