GeoTek   uses   a   suite   of   non   intrusive,   surface-based   geophysical   sensors   to   estimate   levee   and   levee   foundation soil   properties.   Geophysical   sensors   provide   continuous   soil   data   along   survey   paths.   In   some   geologic   settings, data   can   be   collected   to   depths   in   excess   of   50   meters.   ERDC   geophysicists   have   conducted   surveys   on several   levee   systems   using   combinations   of   ground   penetrating   radar,   electromagnetic   (EM)   induction,   dc   electrical   resistivity,   capacitively   coupled   resistivity   (CCR),   and   magnetic   and   seismic   methods   to   rapidly interrogate    subsurface    conditions.    Geophysical    surveys    can    also    be    used    in    locating    buried    utilities    or structures within or beneath levees, as these can provide a seepage path during flooding periods.
Geotechnical   Engineering   involves   soil   and   its   properties   relevant   to   groundwater   flow,   bearing   capacity   for foundations,   settlement   and   compaction,   slope   stability,   tunneling   and   mining,   and   a   variety   of   other   issues associated with activities on or below the ground surface. .
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