GeoTek          provides          subsurface exploration    and    geotechnical    design reports      (ie:      soils      reports)      for construction   of   all   types   of   structures and   facilities.   Our   staff   have   provided services   on   a   wide   variety   of   projects including:   high   and   low   rise   buildings, parking   structures,   roads,   water   and wastewater    treatment    plants,    utility transmission      lines,      storm      water detention     basins,     bridges,     airports (runways,   taxiways   and   aprons),   mine facilities,   power   plants,   mass   grading and      residential      and      commercial developments. GeoTek's       experienced       staff       of environmental   specialists   are   able   to conduct    Phase    I    Environmental    Site Assessments        (ESA),        Phase        II Subsurface      Investigations,      Federal Communication                Commission National     Environmental     Protection Act   (FCC-NEPA)   10-Point   Checklist Assessments,         and         Hazardous Materials    permitting.    GeoTek‚Äôs    wide range   of   environmental   services   are devised    to    provide    you    with    the information     you     need     to     make informed     decisions     regarding     the purchase,   sale,   lease,   development   and upkeep of your properties.  
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