Mr.   Tom   Bourque,   P.E.    is   the   Environmental   Engineering   Practice   Director.      Mr.   Bourque   has   over   25   years   of experience   as   a   project   engineer   and   manager   on   environmental   and   civil   engineering   projects.   He   has   worked   with federal,   state,   and   local   governments,   and   private   clients   on   Super   fund   sites,   waste   sites,   impacted   watersheds,   and infrastructure.      He   has   lead   environmental   permitting,   site   investigation,   conceptual   and   final   project   design,   and construction   oversight.      His   experiences   include   smelters,   mine/mill   sites,   heavy   metal   and   radioactive   contaminated soils   and   sediment,   integration   of   infrastructure   into   contaminated   sites,   contaminated   storm   water,   groundwater, flood   control,   stream   restoration,   project   mitigation,   and   sensitive   environments.      His   direct   projects   have   ranged from   several   thousand   to   $20M   with   his   Superfund   experience   including   leadership   roles   on   projects   exceeding   $1 billion.
Tom Bourque, P.E.
Vice President \ Project Engineer  
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