Incorporated in 1997, GeoTek is a full service consulting engineering firm specializing in geotechnical   engineering,   construction   materials   testing,   special   inspection,   and   environmental consulting.   GeoTek   is   founded   on   the   principal   of   providing   strong   business   partnerships   with clients    by    demonstrating    a    committed    passion    for    those    who    demand    technical    advice    and responsive customer service that adds value to the clients project. This business   philosophy   address   issues   of   primary   importance   to   our   clients,   such   as   proactive communication,   meeting   report   and   test   result   deadlines,   producing   accurate   invoice,   providing prompt   response   time   to   requests,   and   monitoring   project   budgets   or   timely   notification   of   your project   manager.   We   focus   on   these   cost-effective   basic   values,   and   pride   ourselves   on   quality work   that   presents   real   value   to   our   clients. We   approach   every   project   with   a   team   concept   in mind,   adding   to   that   our   reputation   for   quality   and   timely   service,   at   competitive   prices.   GeoTek targets   long   term   partnerships   with   our   clients   by   considering   each   project,   each   assignment   as critical    to    the    success    of    both    our    client    and    GeoTek.   With    our    comprehensive    range    of capabilities,   we   strive   to   satisfy   clients’   needs,   as   well   as   develop   interactive   approaches   and   cost- effective   solutions   that   will   allow   them   to   concentrate   on   what   they   do   best.....their   business.   By hiring   and   retaining   our   key   employees   GeoTek   provides   our   clients   with   technical   stability.   Our employees   take   great   pride   in   meeting   deadlines   and   providing   strong   customer   service.   Our client   base   consists   of   many   nationally   recognized   residential   builders   as   well   as   major   universities, public   agencies,   developers   and   schools   districts.   By   fulfilling   our   initial   strategic   commitments, GeoTek   has   risen   to   one   of   the   top   500   design   firms   in   the   United   States   as   ranked   by   ENR Magazine.
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