Anna M. Scott
Project Geologist  
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Ms.   Anna   Scott   has   over   30   years   of   geotechnical   experience   and   has   worked   on   or   managed   a   wide   range   of   geotechnical projects   throughout   Southern   California,   including   the   High   Desert,   Inland   Empire,   Antelope   Valley,   Coachella   Valley,   Orange County   and   Bakersfield   area.      Her   geotechnical   experience   over   the   past   30   years   has   ranged   from   field   and   laboratory technician   to   field,   staff   and   project   geologist.      Ms.   Scott’s   responsibilities   include   preparation   of   proposals,   preliminary geotechnical   investigations,   seismic   studies,   settlement   monitor   installation   and   studies,   and   field   studies.      Ms.   Scott   has performed   Phase   I   and   II   ESAs   for   various   property   acquisitions   and   transfers   in   Orange,   Riverside   and   San   Bernardino Counties.