Erik Polakowski
Vice President  
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Mr.         Erik         Polakowski         is         the         Corporate         Business         Manager         of         GeoTek         and        has         been         with         the         company         for         over         20          years.         Mr.   Polakowski   graduated from   Indiana   University   with   a   Bachelor   of   Arts   and   the   University   of   Phoenix   with   a Master   of   Business   Administration.   Early         in         his   career,         he         was         construction        materials         testing         technician         working         on         several         industrial         and         retail         projects.        Mr.         Polakowski         also      performed         Environmental         Site         Assessments         throughout        the         Southwest.         Presently         his         duties         include         overseeing         all         aspects         of     accounting         within         the         company,         including         accounts         payable,         accounts        receivable,         and         billing.         Mr.         Polakowski         is         also         the         chairman         of   the   GeoTek investment   committee,   guiding   the   companies   retirement   benefits   and   a   member   of   the GeoTek benefits committee.