Frank Harris
Field Supervisor  
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Mr.   Frank   Harris,   Jr.    has   over   30   years   of   geotechnical   experience   and   has   worked   on   or   managed   field   operations   on   a   wide range   of   geotechnical   projects.      His   geotechnical   experience   has   ranged   from   field   and   laboratory   technician   to   senior   and supervisory   technician.      Mr.   Harris   has   been   involved   with   and/or   directed   field   operations   on   several   multi-million   yard   grading projects   which   included   an   extensive   amount   of   hillside   grading.      Mr.   Harris’   responsibilities   include   directing,   scheduling   and   set   up of   field   technicians,   installation   of   settlement   monitors,   design   and   observation   of   installation   of   canyon   subdrains   and   other   drainage systems   relative   to   geotechnical   conditions   such   as   retaining   wall   backdrains.      Mr.   Harris’   experience   also   includes   post-grading services,   including   utility   construction,   street   improvements,   onsite   improvements,   etc.      Mr.   Harris   has   worked   extensively   at various   projects   throughout   Southern   California,   including   San   Bernardino,   Riverside,   Orange   and   Los   Angeles   Counties.      In addition, Mr. Harris has extensive High Desert (i.e. Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, etc.) experience and knowledge.