Mr. Johnson is a Vice President of GeoTek with 26 years’ experience. He is a professional geologist within Arizona and California.  His professional experience includes a wide variety of development projects including geotechnical design and materials testing and inspection services.  His geotechnical design experience includes evaluation of local and regional geology, subsurface conditions, ground water, local and regional faulting and or fissuring and conclusions and recommendations regarding suitability of onsite soils for support of intended improvements, site grading (earthwork), hillside grading, and development of foundation design with the project engineers. Mr. Johnson also has experience with rock fall evaluations by simulated computer programs and stereo net plotting of rock fracture patterns, Jack and Bore tunneling recommendations, and depth of scour associated with several washes. Other experiences include rippability studies of hard bedrock material and blasting recommendations. As a Project Manager and the Construction Materials Testing Department Manager he has managed and overseen construction inspections for many residential, commercial, high rise, industrial, Public Works and Public Agency projects.  He also proposed and managed many forensic projects from individual projects to class action lawsuits. Mr.    Johnson    has    provided    many    administrative    functions    from    contract    review,    implementation    of    internal    quality assurance   management,   business   development,   personnel   supervision,   and   financial   management.      He   also   helped manage   GeoTek,   Inc.   in   becoming   the   first   Geotechnical   Engineering   company   to   become   International   Accreditation Service (IAS) certified in Special Inspections.  
Stephen R. Johnson R.G.
Phoenix Branch Manager  
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